Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in government and commercial clients. We provide grant writing and grant management services, leadership, and organizational development solutions to improve productivity and operational efficiency in organizations.

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Our Grant Writing Process

Our Grant Writing Process

Our Grant Services Process

At Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC, we understand that client’s needs are different. Therefore, we offer various services to support your organization through the grant lifecycle, from pre-award research to post-award grant closeout. Our dedicated grant writing professionals will hold an onboarding meeting to understand your organization, review existing documents, develop a grants calendar, and discuss strategy, programs, pricing, timelines, and next steps. We can also help your internal grant writing teams wherever they are in the grant writing process, even for non-profit organizations with little to no grant history.
Our scope of work includes:

Prospect Research

Our grant professionals will review your current grant funders and help your organization identify new Grantmakers whose vision aligns with your mission so that you can grow your grant revenues over time. We will develop emails to funders and coach your team on relationship moves with Grantmakers, including responding to the funder’s inquiries.

What can you expect from Prospect Research?

  • The grant makers’ profile with all the information to submit a grant application
  • The opportunity to approach Grantmakers with smart cultivation
  • The development of a grant seeking infrastructure you can build on moving forward
  • The method of initially approaching the Prospect (such as the cover letter, letter of inquiry, or full Proposal)
  • The confidence that you would work with Grantmakers interested in funding the things that your organization cares about

Developing Proposals (Corporate)-Writing Drafting Editing, Submitting the Proposal

Our dedicated grant professionals have experience writing all the elements for these Proposals from scratch, including the measurement criteria.

Developing Proposals (Government)-Writing Drafting Editing, Submitting the Proposal

Our dedicated professionals have experience writing winning grant proposals for a variety of government agencies. These types of Proposals are more detailed and usually include submitting a Request for Proposal for multi-year awards.


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    What can you expect from Proposal Development?

    • Working side by side with our professionals to create work plans and discuss milestones/timelines
    • Understanding the value of our work product, primarily focused, tailored, and detailed grant Proposals
    • Thoroughly reviewing Proposal guidelines and requirements
    • Drafting and editing the different iterations of the winning Proposal
    • Reviewing attachments, supporting documents, and submitting the final Proposal on your behalf

    Follow up/ Stewardship

    Our work does not end after submitting the Proposal. We hope that clients build sustainable development programs with the likelihood of receiving continued funding to further the mission of their organizations.
    We’ll work with you to ensure compliance and adherence to the terms and conditions of grants and maintain relationships with your foundation funders, such as tracking progress, donor recognition, filing necessary interim and final reports, etc.

    Ask us how we can help you

    A Note About Fees

    The fees for Grant services are based both on a monthly retainer model and one-off/ single projects. We understand that clients’ needs are different and offer different pricing levels.
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