Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in government and commercial clients. We provide grant writing and grant management services, leadership, and organizational development solutions to improve productivity and operational efficiency in organizations.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership is commonly known as the act of influencing, providing direction, inspiring, and motivating people. In today’s erratic organizations, the expectations of leadership are even higher. Organizations need high performing leaders to help achieve planned goals with an agile workforce. At anchor Global Management Consulting LLC, we focus on additional dimensions of leadership to creating both innovative leaders and role models.
Leadership services include:

Emotional Intelligence (EI) “a tacit leadership skill.”

Research shows that Emotional intelligence has a reliable prediction of success in life. Our Emotional intelligence services help leaders understand their emotions and the impact of their feelings on others. Upon completing our EI training modules, clients feel comfortable using emotional information in an effective and meaningful way to influence and empower their workforce.

360-degree Leadership Assessment

We follow a structured approach to providing effective feedback to leaders to assist them in continuously developing their skills and competencies in leading the workforce.
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