Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in government and commercial clients. We provide grant writing and grant management services, leadership, and organizational development solutions to improve productivity and operational efficiency in organizations.

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Business Development

Business Development

Grant Writing and Management

Finding funding, reliable volunteers, and determining what funders want to see in proposals for money or product donations is critical to nonprofit organizations’ success.
Our clients call upon us to help them write winning grants and proposals to fulfill their missions and the things they care about in the community.
We also help our clients with post-award management of the grants to meet funder requirements.
Our expertise includes the topics below and much more:
architectural and historic preservation, arts, banking and financial inclusion, children and youth, civil rights, energy, community development, conservation and environmental protection, developing world, basic and higher education, STEM, emergency medical services, fire safety, forensic science, gender equity and inclusion, healthcare, mental health, housing, homelessness, human and social services, human trafficking, immigration, justice and law enforcement, LGBTQ rights, libraries and museums, political science, research, substance abuse, survivors of domestic violence, sustainability, technology, veterans, local and federal government, etc.
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