Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in government and commercial clients. We provide grant writing and grant management services, leadership, and organizational development solutions to improve productivity and operational efficiency in organizations.

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Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in government and commercial clients. We provide grant writing and grant management services, leadership, and organizational development solutions to improve productivity and operational efficiency in organizations.
At Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC, we pride ourselves in keeping up with contemporary and technological changes. We commit to honing reliable, timely, and quality services for our clients. Our core services include grant writing, change management, conflict management and resolution, leadership development.


We offer customize onsite and virtual training in the areas of leadership development, grant writing, conflict management and resolution. Our training modules are designed to meet the needs of your organization and stakeholders.

Operational Effectiveness

In recent years, the business community is struggling to improve operational performance to comply with frequent changes in industry and government regulations. Rapid changes in technology also cause organizations to continue to experience challenges keeping their workforce engaged and motivated. These challenges leave organizations with no option to enhance capabilities, processes, technology, or to experience disruptive environments and the loss of productivity. Often, attaining the organization’s goals and vision may also be at stake.
Unfortunately, the quest for addressing competing priorities and operational excellence often results in conflicts and leadership’s inability to manage change.
Our clients call upon us to design a robust change management program and assisting leadership in managing and resolving conflicts.

Change Management/ Organizational Transformation

Organizations must anticipate and deal with change in a rapidly changing and agile world. Change does not happen automatically, even in the most volatile environment. At Anchor Global Management Consulting LLC, we guide our clients using evidence-based approaches to increase the probability of honing the desired state.
Our focus to change management is on the people side of change which encompasses engaging people and building organizational capabilities to achieve the objectives of the change and a return on investment (ROI).
To achieve these ends, we help our clients to assess their readiness for change and create a roadmap for change to ensure success. Let us show you how we can anchor your processes.

Understanding, Managing, Resolving Conflict

People often attribute a negative connotation to conflict, believing that conflict is destructive, not
knowing that conflict; can be an avenue for problem-solving, clarifying ambiguities, and
producing positive results.
Employees in US companies spend approximately 2.8 hours each week involved in a conflict,
which amounts to around $359 billion in paid hours focus on conflict than productivity. 38% of
the UK employees experience interpersonal conflict at work in an average year (CPP Inc.,
2015). 60% of employees do not receive essential workplace conflict management and resolution
training. Of those who receive such training, 95% indicate that the training helped them
positively navigate workplace conflict.
At Anchor Global management consulting LLC, we help our clients to handle conflicts
constructively, minimize the negative factors that influence disputes, and encourage the parties in
a conflict to agree. We assist stakeholders in understanding workplace conflict, its impact on the
organization, and how to monitor a resolved conflict effectively.

Conflict Resolution services include:

Training: We offer workshops in conflict management and resolution ranging from 1 day to 2
days in length to individuals and groups.

Leadership Development

Leadership is commonly known as the act of influencing, providing direction, inspiring, and motivating people. In today’s erratic organizations, the expectations of leadership are even higher. Organizations need high performing leaders to help achieve planned goals with an agile workforce. At anchor Global Management Consulting LLC, we focus on additional dimensions of leadership to creating both innovative leaders and role models.
Leadership services include:

Emotional Intelligence (EI) “a tacit leadership skill.”

Research shows that Emotional intelligence has a reliable prediction of success in life. Our Emotional intelligence services help leaders understand their emotions and the impact of their feelings on others. Upon completing our EI training modules, clients feel comfortable using emotional information in an effective and meaningful way to influence and empower their workforce.

360-degree Leadership Assessment

We follow a structured approach to providing effective feedback to leaders to assist them in continuously developing their skills and competencies in leading the workforce.

Business Development

Grant Writing and Management

Finding funding, reliable volunteers, and determining what funders want to see in proposals for
money or product donations is critical to nonprofit organizations’ success.
Our clients call upon us to help them write winning grants and proposals to fulfill their missions
and the things they care about in the community.
We also help our clients with post-award management of the grants to meet funder requirements.
Our expertise includes the topics below and much more:
architectural and historic preservation, arts, banking and financial inclusion, children and youth, civil rights, energy, community development, conservation and environmental protection, developing world, basic and higher education, STEM, emergency medical services, fire safety, forensic science, gender equity and inclusion, healthcare, mental health, housing, homelessness, human and social services, human trafficking, immigration, justice and law enforcement, LGBTQ rights, libraries and museums, political science, research, substance abuse, survivors of domestic violence, sustainability, technology, veterans, local and federal government, etc.
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